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Young Thug – Thug N 30 Lyrics

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[Intro: Young Thug] Aye, watching my homie & # 39; s non-play path, that nigga simply did evil fucked, youngster
Yeah, and I also had a young woman right here with me, I feel she's making an attempt steal me, & nbsp; sayin & # 39;
Know what I'm saying? And heal me from my ache
Supah Mario

[Hook: HiDoraah & Young Thug] Spend a lot of money on me (Yeah)
Cash, power, it's a plan, homie (Yeah)
Yeah, sure, you perceive, homie (Yeah)
Yeah, you understand, homie (Yeah )
Yeah, yeah, you perceive, homie (Yeah)
There was numerous niggas crazy, homie (Yeah)
Yeah, yeah, I’m a person, homie (Yeah)
Yeah, I’m a person, homie (Yeah)

[Post-Hook: Young Thug] Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m a man, homie (Sheesh)
Yeaaaaahhhhh … .. (Swea, ah, ah)
Ma-ma-man, homie (ah!)
Ma-man, homie (Yeah)
ma-man, homie

[Verse 1: Young Thug] She's my time as a body (Ah)
No Maison Margiela, my diamond bling, and my Rollie is gold like treasure
Aye, I met like ten thousand exhibitions, now my diamond is greater than rocks
Smokin 'this moon, child, I climb it like I know Khaled
I used hunnid bands on my belt, yeah, yeah
Hi, my mucus in my yo there’s a F & N and he mocks
Yeah, he left it to journey, a unclean nigga-t-shirt and reduce down, yeah

I took from him two birds, and ever since, I've flown, yeah

[Bridge: Young Thug] Yeah, yes, bullets hit a nigga-dome
Deliver her pussy wet as a sink
Yeah, nigga is aware of it cannot afford it
New Orleans, I’m going Saint (Woo)
Yeah, don't speak, sure, yeah
Take me to church, I sing
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, diamonds bling & # 39; as I have been baptized

[Hook: HiDoraah & Young Thug] Yeah, I'm eaten, he feeds on lies, yeah
Spend me a lot of money
cash, power, it’s a plan, homie
I'll inform you that Vicky powder, yes
Yeah, sure, you perceive, homie
Yeah, yeah, you understand, homie
Don't tell me you eat then don't get potatoes, yeah

[Verse 2: Young Thug] Sike! I'll take them to draw the great results of biting, yes
Yeah, it's me diamonds, they usually räpäyttävät as a knight, yeah
Yeah, I'm the chief, child, take my recommendation, sure
Yeah, baby, I'm a prince, I was gon & # 39; take your life, yeah (Growth growth)
I do know who I am … (Yeah)
I do know who I am (I know that)
] Don’t like me? (Realize it)
Yeah, in case you had damaged me, I don't need me, yes
Ah, I stated I don't like Queen Latifah, yeah (Brrrrr)
Yeah, I serve him like zebra, uh, yeah (Ice)
Fuck black and white diamonds on muhfuckin vip, yeah, yeah
Hey, yeah, nigga caught Runnin & # 39; , nigga pagin, yeah (What?)
Yeah, hmph, hah

[Hook: HiDoraah & Young Thug] $ 1500 for some maid, pricey
some huge cash for me
And I, and I inform him like a boss
Money, energy, it's plan, homie
Yeah, and I fuck nigga-mother, sure
Yeah, you understand, homie
Yeah, and I drink him like sauce
Yeah , yes, you understand, homie
Yeah, child I'm not a father
Yeah, but I care about your daughter
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah [Hello]

[Verse 3: Young Thug] I do know udigg what I say and it comes from the guts
I do know you don't know concerning the baby, you recognize extra
Yeah, you go "sluggish, but yes, you’re so sensible (Hi)
Yeah, they assume you’re lifeless, however you’re in the best ass like son, son. Son)
I'll give it that struck Tommy tummies comparable to tuh, tuh, yeah, ah
Bitch, I'm Presi, Barack fuck, yeah
Yeah, what number of corporations have been closed? Yeah
Nah, we don't care about any stag
Ah, 15 hunnies for these cups, they did, yeah
Yeah, ah, ah
Huns a thousand for art, yeah
Yeah, no go steady, rocko air

[Hook: HiDoraah & Young Thug] Spend me some huge cash
Ah, choppa is prepared
Money, power, it's plan, homie
Ah, name me bomb
Yeah, you perceive, homie
Chop, I'm there, yeah
Yeah, yeah, you understand, homie

[Verse 4: Young Thug] Ooh, slatt
Sleep one eye open as I’m Fetty, yeah
Climb the tree and they’re ready as spaghetti, yeah
Playin 'Slime, we Belly, yeah
I was Tryna stay, yeah
She stated she didn't need to play any video games, not Anne Jackson (Woo, Aye)
Child comes with a muhfuckin gown, yes (Drippin & # 39; swag)
Ah, and I shot it in your chest, a better vest, ah, already No (Eskeddit)
I'm enjoying with h feelings, yeah (Yeah)
I'll take you all into place (take you all over the world)
Flip ass up, since you deserve it (says that I would like you, want you)
Ah, no future, however I'm the way forward for
I’m a instructor, child, are you a tutor, yeah (Yeah)
Ah, the cash greater than the world's longest room, tuh, yeah (Swea, Swea)
Ah, enjoying with YSL, niggas gon & shoot you, yeah (growth, growth)
RIP Bankroll Recent bro, yeah (RIP Bankroll)

[Interlude: Young Thug] Yeah, yeah, yeah (scorching boy)
Aye (Thugger, Aye)
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (Yeah, Yeah)
] Aye (Rattling)
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (Yeah)
Aye (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah)
Aye (Joo)
Aye! Aye! Hey! (Yeah, yeah)
Hey! (Yeah)
Hey (yeah)
Aye! (Yeah)
Hey (Joo)
Joo (Yeah)

[Verse 5: Young Thug] I and Stafalla have enjoyable, yeah
"As a result of it's not enjoyable when the rabbit has to go, yeah
I feed that bitch, then give it a racks
Yeah, I put my Rollie's arm, sure (Rollie, Rollie)
Put the hockey YSL proper on his charms, yeah (Swea)
Child, advised me they didn't want them , I'm one (One)
Yeah, two doors, no, ah, three, I can’t overlook, so
However I’ve four doors, yeah
Naida cameras, ah, fuck Po-Po, yeah
Oh no, yeah
They arrive to the door, rinse shit proper now, come on

[Interlude: Young Thug] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Yeah! Yeah)

[Verse 6: Young Thug] Beast mode, yeah (Hey)
Hunnid thousand, just isn’t a cheat code
I cannot speak cheaply; one-twenty-seven with my tooth, uh (God)
So, bitch, I'm VÄ eaten, see, i die, uh (swea, woo)
yeah nigga, all my partnas rollin yeah (Rollin & # 39; crip!)
Massive Dinosaur Bs (Blatt, blatt!)
Right Behind (What?)
Yeah, all this ice, child, might find me (I see it)
Look where it is mild at (Yeah)
Yeah, yeah, I don't buy it, uh (Yeah)
I just go in and chew it, yeah
I might get up, sure (Yeah)
I don't give any laughter from your past, yeah (Aye)
I'm not Lil Wayne, and fuck that nigga, but I have to take ass (Woah, say it)
I don't mind when you killed the whole world, it’s before me and also you, yeah
Oh, oh, free Unfunk, Dulu, yeah (Free Unfunk, yeah)
Experience me like goose, yeah (lik ea goose, yeah)
Hen-Gale coupe, yeah (Racks, skrt!)
Double-R without roof, sure (Woop, woop, woop)
Racin on the road, nigga flyin & # 39; at excessive velocity, yeah (whew, whew)
Yeah, do other rappers on time, yeah
Movie when ridin is large, yeah (Yeah)
All my niggas right here like beats, yeah (Yeah)
] NoPlug pull up, nigga park, yeah
Pull up 9, nigga, blood, yeah
Pull up and it's a fireplace like pot, yeah (pot)
All nigga's diamonds gettin & Giant, yeah
All my niggas play, like a child, yeah, ah (Skrt skrt)
300 shit, nigga, why did I take the regulation? Yeah (What?)
300 shit, like Lil Durk with out tar, yeah (Yeah)
Lyor, you play, I pull the cardboard, yeah
Yeah (Yeah)

[Hook: HiDoraah & Young Thug]

Cash, energy , it's a plan, homie
Lemme speaks to ladies for a minute, yes
Yeah, sure, you perceive, homie
Yeah, yeah, you understand, homie
Let's go

[Verse 7: Young Thug] ] Don’t depart me (don't depart)
Obtain me (obtain)
Consider me (19459004). Religion)
Come and Come With Me (Obtain)
Yeah, come bounce with me (come bleed with me)
Go & # 39; n & # 39; shade your hair pink (Yeah, Colour it)
You heard what Gucci stated (Free Guwop)
These niggas rocks how do I (ne rock)
Yeah, yeah, yeah (Yeah)
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yes (Aye this shit is so good, I can't just say once)
Yeah… yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (Yeah, yeah)
She grinan & # 39; as a result of he likes the way it slips it
Yeah, i simply advised lil mama i'm not average (Born with it)
Yeah, i acquired her lifeless ballin like a bastard, yes (woo, woo , woo)
Plaid it
Name him qualifications, but child woman just isn’t trendy, yeah (Hah, hah)
Yeah, you worst (Baddest)
give fuck baby if fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye? Yeah, scream Migosille, they are dabbin & # 39; (Dab)
Yeah, scream Peewee & # 39; for, man, we Trapp & # 39 ;, yeah (Yeah)
I'm consuming a thin, hey (Lean, lean, lean)
I don’t the ball, not dee, yeah

[Verse 8: Young Thug] but I'll take Molly, yeah (Wait)
I advised him that I cease, but I'm sorry (I'm sorry)
I just cannot, sure that money back, yeah (Yeah)
Bae eye to the bank, yeah (what)
I obtained like a blank, yes (How a lot?)
The place's the drop? She is just not there
Bitch, she can be bullied, yeah (bang)
Bitch, she's so dangerous
Bitch, she's so dangerous
Bitch, she's so open & huh?
Oops, I didn't mean something (Yeah)
No, the bitch is just not a mean cuckoo
The least elegant hoe, oo, yeah, yo
And his circle was small like Cheerio, oh, oh, yo (Howdy )
Now you realize, niggas, oh, no, no (Oh)
I don't write now, oh, yeah, yeah (Yeah)
so nice, baby, here, child, go & # 39; # 39; is my youngster (Ooh)
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah (I'm ready, I'm like spaghetti, yeah)
Oh, yeah, yeah (Oh ready, prepared, I'm prepared)
Udigg? (R-E-A-D-Y, baby, I’m prepared)
Udigg? [Joo]
Haha (Pop a cheery and ready)
Real spit!

[Hook: HiDoraah & Young Thug] Spend a lot of money in my hand (Dora)
Money, energy, it's a plan, homie
Yeah, you perceive, homie
Yeah, you understand, homie (speak, em, slime)
(Uh) And he stated it was good within the hood, sure (* sips lean *)
Woo! (Woah)

[Verse 9: Young Thug] I need to see you twerk! Ah (Twerk, twerk)
I need to buy them purses, yeah (the money)
You drive me loopy, I'm Birkin, yeah (yeah, aye)
80okay, child, ain & # 39; t discouraged, yeah (Scheme)
I can use it, you’re so valuable (so value it)
I, I know you, baby, you're so good (Woah) for me
Fuck what they say, bae, you gon "twerk (woah) to me (me)
I'll offer you those guys that gon & # 39; went to unload (Ah) to me (Yeah)
& # 39; N & # 39; I ate that pussy like starbursts (* slurp *) Oowee (Yeah)
Wee, Oowee
I do know you need to see it, the tooth on your lips, yeah (Yeah)
I eat the pussy. See you dip, yeah (I see)
I don't need to go to sleep, I'm not dip
I’d pull out and depart some chips, yeah (Skrt skrt )
I can't get nervous, ah (Nah)
I spent ten thousand purses, yes (Fendi, Louis, Gucci)
I'm not homosexual, boy, ma ma le bag, yeah (Chanel)
Massive ol's bloody pink rag, yeah (Blatt, blatt, blatt)

[Verse 10: Young Thug] Race the Jag (Woo)
Purchased a overseas instantly after (and what?)
] Then I break it again, see what prompted it (Woah)
Uh, so I'm with driving my driver (cash) in 2017
Cadillac consumers, yeah (Swea, yeah)
night time like cypher, yeah (Yeah, yeah)
I'm 100%, not a liar, yeah (Yeah, yeah)
If I'm sexy, I should buy him. yeah)
I eliminate him, once I'm drained, yes
However principally I like, sure
I meant, but I’ll in all probability trigger I donkisi, yeah
such because the trunk, yeah
I put cash into the ears, the cash in front of you, yeah
I put proper veneers in the mouth, yes
So you possibly can show an infant, when smiling fuck, yeah
I know that I’m the reality, I'm a wild youngster, yeah
Yeah, child, I'm all, yeah (Woah)
I cannot be all y & # 39; all & # 39; s, yeah (ah, ah)
However I'm an enormous canine, yeah (massive canine, yeah, money)
This bitch, comparable to logs, yeah (Uhh, bitch)
I obtained two and I'll be there (I'm Swea)
Ooh, yeah
I gave a couple of and y & # 39; all there (Haha, yeah, yeah)
Yeah, G5 you in the air (Shh, pfff)
Yeah, inform them the wing plug (Ah, pew)
Shoot the video, yeah, nigga (Ah)
Touch like o len Julio, Falcon, nigga (Brr)
I've simply seen him Jeffer, these are the hundreds, nigga (yeah)
He simply referred to as out, yeah
Ask that nigga & # 39; bout me (Yeah )
] I spent 50 bands (Ah)
Bitch, I'm not a topic (Woah)
Yeah, pshh, ooh, ah (Do it this manner)
Bitch is the most well liked, oh yeah, pshh, ooh (Whatchu tell & em?)
We like Bonnie & Clyde, oo, ooh (Yeah)

[Verse 11: Young Thug] Once once more, release them, Unfunk! (Yeah)
I take heed to R. Kelly, "I wish" (I want)
Then I cry like just a little bit bitch, yeah
However I really like my brother, I consider you really miss him (actual speak)
I swear there’s nothing else, I'll offer you all this pasana, yes (Yeah, you are able to do all of it)
I gave every little thing to see him
I need to see my mom's face when she "saw her", ah (Huge Duck )
I know these pussy niggas trippin & # 39 ;, they need to see you, yeah (they need to see you)
they may attempt to cease you, because they know that you simply just like the Beatles, yeah (the Beatles)
But they forgot that your brother, and he Thugger
Yeah, I obtained it from Ruga and Reega (pull it out)
I stated to you, yeah, yeah (Buh)
yeah (Pop it)
Yeah, it's my pyöreäni than I am in New Orleans, yeah
J oo, yeah, crack baby, yeah, yeah (What?)
However I wasn't born in the 80s, oh, child, yeah, y eah
I wasn't even born in Grady, no, no, no, yeah, yeah
Ten thousand sofas within the condominium, my mom made me choose, ooh, rattling (True)
II got here out a couple of issues, ooh, da-rattling (it's true yeah, Aye)
Yeah, I had diamonds on my pores and skin, sure, mmh, yeah (Swea)
Elm Elementary, I am a prince (Thugger, present it)
Yeah, how I received into hassle? I never do that (Man, fuck, yeah)
I rannas away, they usually say that I misplaced (Yeah, bye)
However, bae, your son is right here strictly pimpin & # 39 ;, ooh (What , chuch)
Yeah, I just collected the numbers, yeah (racks, cash)
Fall in love, once I marry that Benjie (hah, hah) [19659025] My nigga has it, yes (Kickin & # 39 ; it)
Child my daughter (Gettin's, ghetto)
Know that you simply need to say his identify, hhh
However you’ll be able to't, because it's… pain
to other hoes, yeah
Kick out the door, yeah
Someone more, yeah
I would like you positive, yeah (yeah)
I don't need a bitch, yeah (Yeah)
Give them the bros, yeah (Yeah)
I just want the cash, yeah (Yeah)
I purchase them for clothes, yeah, uh (racks, nigga, guap!)
I buy them just automobiles, sure (Bentley, blatt, woah, can't stop hingä!)
s, yeah (Massive, huge guap)
I do it for my women and extensive, yeah (Yeah)
I do it for lil women and my little son, yes (Yeah)
Ah, cot and veil a thousand toys, sure (toys, beats)
Ah, Easter searching, baby, a thousand (you twenty bitches)
Charles Barkley, child, ballin, oh yeah (Racks)
Ah, Michael Jordan, nigga, not Yeezy, yeah, breezy
I get them the racks, I get the cheese, you consider me (Yeah)
That fetty, Moolah and cash and cash call (Cash)
Yeah, hit his again , watch her Persea (Growth)
Pussy nigga & # 39; s chalked out, deliver him out of his pink (Chalk)
Tell my niggas, that we now have not accomplished prepress lifeless
Step up shut, he cannot even weighing weight (for God)
I see your mind in all places, then ship footage (Woo)
J oo, shit gets steep, nigga, performs this paperwork
Nigga chickened out, nigga
Free my muhfuck (ah) dog and that i'm not even nasty, nigga (woah)
She went to Smith, yeah
Climb to it like a motorcycle, yeah
He right down to Smith, jail, I'm not speaking "Will, yeah, ah (Woah, woah)]
Foreigners need them huge shoulders, yeah (Woah, woah, woah, woah)
Twenty-eight of laughter Ferris wheel, yeah (Skrrrt)
I'm skatin & # 39; via nartuilleni how I noticed, yeah (Skrrt)
The place is it? Proper about my bro received killed, yeah (Bennie, yeah)
Ever since, mom is there, yeah (there, lifeless, yeah)
Ah, you niggas feels fucking, yes (things, oh yeah, yeah)
He killed my brother, then his ass acquired killed, yeah (so mama cry)
Locked, I obtained a grievance, yeah, ah (money)
to Molly and the capsule, yeah (Runnin & # 39; still)
I don't need to signal any fooling, yes (I don't need to handle)
I don't want any extra Familia, yeah (I would like one thing real)

[Verse 13: Young Thug] I need a bitch who just isn’t acquainted (real)
I would like give bitch one million, ah (Yeah)
I need to show that bitch bread, yes (Lil bitch)
However she have to be so relentless, yes (she what?)
they have been gangstized inside skinnies, yeah ("How are you G?")
I'm never ending (Yeah)
I swear (Swea)
You higher reduce it, boy, you already know ow it (Minimize it)
Yeah, I purchased a child woman Rollien (Rollie, Rollie)
Yeah, I missed out and purchased it for my gay (Homie)
Yeah, the Ice Field received all my brothers (Buy from him!)
Yeah, Elliante, it's my jeweler, damage me (Elliante, Aye, hey!)
Yeah, I received certainly one of them, no shortage (Elliante!)
You possibly can't get it, they will't repair it, yeah
But you’ll be able to go to him they usually can falsify it, sure, ah (Yeah)
But they know they they take this pasha again, yeah, ah (They know)
I was buying in Bleveland where they fell, yeah
Bleveland slowly, they misplaced Duke and then lil Bukk, yeah, hhh
Put this slightly proper on the band, yeah, ah (buck, uh, uh)
Present this membership and throw some bucks, yeah (throw it, throw it, throw it)
Fuck me, oh, bae, I'm buff, yeah (I just throw it, throw it)
Attempt to play and good luck, sure (and check out the growth)
I'm so drained, I hand over, you ah (Man, I swear to swear)
But I gained't hand over your love, don't (don't hand over your love)
You stated you’ll be able to't go too far, yes (Can
& # 39; however I acquired you, I can wreck you (to spoil you, I can)
a bit of extra, after which my bro, but I'm positive ah (Fasho)
Have you learnt that I acquired it low, this isn’t a hoe (Cash)
I have a black card, and that muhfucker says: "Woah," yes (it does)
] I'm Zoe, bitch, I'm az, ah, eater (Tu, tu, ah, fa, fa )
I did smoking weight of chilly (Ah)
Sure, the diamonds are dancing, can "speak t Move my
Diamond It had a sound sign because the beep (beep)
Joo, D ora made me noisy as… Yeah (Yeah)
Nigga, Dora made me noisy. Converse up
Dora made me loud like a beep, (Beeper, yeah)
I can't wait to see you (See you)
Slash that I can't await you (Aye)
I can't wait to treat you (Aye)
I cannot wait to fuck you (I cannot)
I cannot wait so that you can suck you, yeah (Oh, I cannot)
Pussy out, ah, yeah (Yeah)
Action , and I (Oh yeah)
Kick you out spot, yeah ([?])

Thousand Hundreds, Yeah

[Verse 14: Young Thug] Give You the Keys to the Manor, Yeah
You’ll be able to journey round this mom, Marilyn Manson, yeah (Black out the Rollie!)
You possibly can name all your folks and then they'll dance, yes (Come to celebration, God!)
I'll pull up fifteen bills and throw them, and ( I wan "party, hey!)
Their twenty thousand bands inside my house, like the club, so (what? Woo!)
I swear to God, if I'm cheating, I can be a dub, yeah (Ooh)
You can ask them bitches Follies, boy, do they love us (Ah, love!)
YSL, I bang & # 39; it & # 39; I'm the dust, yeah
I'm the dust, I bang & # 39 (Ah, slatt!), It (Swea) [19459004Jooennentätärapkuanarttuaminullaolijoitakintahrojasiinä("Fore")
Yeah, I was still Blevelandissa, niggassa, bang it (God)
We were shot in niggas, shot, nigga, ranger shit (Brr, brr, brr)
Yeah, but there is no hate shit (Yeah)
Stacked it up (Yeah)
I have a lot of freedom to surrender balls, yes (we go)
I know Lil Chicken is E, waiting [?] yeah
She smokes it when her old man died in some cancers (RIP M [?])
I pulled her up, I remember him, no answer (remember)
I gave this bitch a thousand dollars, told him: "Baptist, ([?])
Take your ass there and go see it (see)
You've just seen your boyfriend have seen, so (RIP boy) ”
Baby, that dream lmarygout out, yeah (dream, dream)
Child, received it toothbrush, sure (Tatari)

[Interlude: Young Thug] Give me 5 seconds, let me drink
* sips * Hmhm
* sips * Aye, get it (yeah)
Oh, my fault, it was 4 seconds (What?)
Give me another, more, muhf, extra repeat (What ?!)

[Verse 15: Young Thug & Karlae] Uhh, now we will begin Rappin & # 39; (Start)
Yeah, I used to be actually wealthy, I've never Trappin & # 39; (Lure)
You've been to Hustlin for ten years, means you're dangerous at it
I just bought a muhfuck diamond straight rabbit, yeah (Swea)
Huns xans, i popped & # 39; em up in Nobu, yeah (Popped & # 39; em hellio, Helly)
Joo (Elliante)
They know issup (Icier as mother, yeah)
Come give me your entire heart, yes ( Brown as [?])
I don't cease, give it, yeah (I obtained more ho [l] than Kanye's clothes)
You don't want anymore, you understand, sure (
Triple-R means actually rich rebels (you need to go to the hub)
Triple-R stands for really wealthy rebels (actually wealthy, really rich, yeah)
You heard sure? )
She stated that you do not touch her face, [
palms all over, yeah (Woah)
I can respect it, but you're not higher off me extra
Or I'll win your mom fucked, I'm not your whore , you my shell, positive (Fasho)
You better know (Keep in mind)
Yeah, write it, take a fuck word (We should always FaceTime [?] hahaha)
Take a picture, I gained't fuck, yeah (Nah, nah, nah)
With out respecting me, put a band in your ass, yeah ( Buck, buck)
Fuck you’re sweaty
Ah, ah, ah, and my knee up (Yeah)
You haven’t any worries, baby, put your ft up (Yeah)
You’ve gotten Burberry, child , I see you (I see you)
Yeah, you’re my mamacita (Mamacita, oh yeah)
I depart my daughter, I was actual, yes (I depart my woman's physique, y eah)
I’m doing that, baby , I do know you (I will do it)
Go properly & # 39; younger thug & # 39; (Go and do factor, yeah)

[Interlude: Young Thug & Karlae] Yeah, are you leaving your previous and will you fuck me? (I do know you)
Say you promise (Hahaha, I promise)
Say you promise a microphone (Haha, no)
Say it… Say it! (I promise)
You need to say it more durable (I promise!)

[Verse 16: Young Thug] Yeah, he promised, ah (He promised)
That's why he doesn't have to fret about not being, & nbsp;
If he was, then my God, I run it, yes (Run it!)
Neiman, baby, spend a few hunnid, yeah (cash)
bundle, get these Versace bins for me ( cash)
I want to see you strolling in bins for me (bins, yeah)
Yeah, I would like you cooking! me (prepare dinner & # 39; all do)
Yeah, I need to go towards all legal guidelines (towards all laws)

[Interlude: Young Thug & Karlae] Might you resist my boss with me?
Hmhm, what did you say?
I have a lil drink, you stated, you stated [?]? [?] Not here
Are you?

[Verse 17: Young Thug] So, he stated it was official, like some laughing tissues (Yeah)
Hah, baby woman, you already know [?] to see you (Ah, I)
Ah, simply I made a front cowl GQ: (Get it now)
Challenge, yeah, ah (Get it proper, get it now, get it now)
If he ever hit you (Get it right now)
Better not inform me as a result of I’ve and she or he has some problems (Woo)
Yeah, maintain it for yourself, child
I do know you've heard it on the earth, baby (don't tell anyone)
I know you want my woman, baby (i really like you )
I do know you need us to get the world cracked, yes (I really like your physique)
Gon & # 39; and I get the world cracking & # 39; # 39;)
Let's & # 39; s Gon & # 39; and get this factor, yeah (let's get this thing brackin)
Come to sleep with me
I'll take you to the mall, spend lots of Gs (God, God )
Like this shit grows in timber, haha ​​(Bling, bling)
You’ll be able to't consider me, yeah
Until you come to the mall, you possibly can't see me (Trash)

[Verse 18: Young Thug] Money stacked up (Yeah )
Ahh, I might just drive by bus (like damn)
I might come out with fiddling bucks (How do you are feeling?)
I might come out with one million dollars, yes (Racks, racks)
not eggs, baby (woo)
Is it white? Lil somewhat yellow? As an alternative it’s type, baby, yeah (as an alternative, yeah)
Your purple, child, yeah (pink, yeah)
Pshh, give your head, baby, yeah (bitch, give that head, yeah, yeah )
Are we sixty-9, and it's the one time you're not a penny (Let's do sixty-9)
Are we sixty-nine, it's the one time you're not a penny (isn't it a penny)
You're not a penny the only time you're not a penny (you hear me)
Yeah, you're not a penny, you're not it (I Digg you)
Take heed to me? (With a golden shovel have you learnt what I say?)
Take heed to me? (Ja mitä?)

[Verse 19: Young Thug] Kun teemme kuusikymmentäyhdeksän, se on ainoa kerta, kun et ole penniäkään, kyllä ​​(Että sinä et ole penniäkään)
Ette ole hänen enää, vauva, joo , sinä minun, ah (sinä kaikki minun)
Et ole enää hänen, vauva tyttö, olet kaikki minun (vannon Jumalalle)
Joo, kohtelen sinua samoin, vauva, tunne Herra , minun (minä tunnen Herran, uh)
Hah, ostakaa kaikki, tulvit pankkitilillesi timanteilla (kaikki)
Tee kaikki teille, lyö sinut, itku (itku, vauva)
Ah, bangin 'punainen kuin hihna, uh, joo (Laula)
Joo, ratsastan ympäri kaupunkia helikopterilla, joo (Skrt, skrt, yeah)
Minä tapaan "tavata papaasi tavata sinut)
Äitisi kuoli, vannon Jumalalle, haluan tavata hänet, kyllä ​​(vannon, että haluan tavata hänet)
Veljeni ei voi odottaa sinua, yeah (laulan sinun rakkaus)
Minä pelaan, he eivät voi dee häntä, kyllä ​​(minä hoidan sinusta, se on rakkaus, joo)
ballin ', he eivät voi saada häntä (älä anna meille, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Hänellä ei ole puhelinta, vauva, älä kutsu häntä, tiedät, että et voi saada häntä (Can
Niin, me menemme kirkkoon saadaksemme heidät demoneiksi, joo (Joo, joo)
Tule katsomaan häntä, Jumala (rukoilen, että paholainen menee pois, Jumala)
Käännyin hänet Jumalaan (Joo)
Minä käännyin sinut Jumalan päälle, miten sinä uskallat? (Kuinka uskallat!)
Kääntyi sinut Jumalaan (Joo, minä)
Vauva, siunatkoon sinua (Ah, ah, Jeesus)
Älä koskaan stressiä (koskaan stressiä)
Liian kaunis , ah (Kaunis)
Sain vauvan hiukset, kuten oh, oi, säälittävä (en koskaan ole säälittävä)

[Interlude: Young Thug] Y'all tytöt, te tiedätte, miten saat niggan, hahaha
Sinun "naida" pyöriä ja saat lapsen niggasta (saat lapsi, joo)
Joo, sinä olet 'vittu' ympäri ja saat siunauksen muusta muhfuckin-elämästäsi. Sinun elämäsi, kyllä)
Sinä "naida" pyöreäksi ja siunataan "sinä sinä muhfuckin 'die, yeah (Actual pimp)

[Verse 20: Young Thug] Tiedän, että se ei ole syy, miksi te käämitte. sinä gon 'winnin' (voitat)
Fuckin 'kanssani (Fuckin' kanssani, joo)
Joo, jos olen kuuma, vauva, ankka se kanssani (Duck it, ah, ah)
Verrat, joo, kyllä, sanoit, vauva, olit harvinainen (vauva)
Joo, joo, hän sanoo olevansa valmis (Joo!)
Hän on niin seksikäs, hän pääsi, oi, hän ei ole kovin harvinaista (hän ​​on harvinaista)
En tiedä miten testata sitä, mutta joo, vauva, joo
Syön sen sisällä, syömme sen kuin karhun, joo, kyllä ​​
Syön sen kuin karhun, rahaa vihreämmäksi kuin päärynäni, uh (Eat pussy)
Minä ja sinä yhdessä , we a pair (We the pair, baby, yeah)
Child woman, throw it in the air (On a personal jet)
Your lil woman ain't received to fret 'bout a factor, yeah (I swear to God)
I'ma buy her a lil YS chain, yeah (Chain, yeah)
She gon' look my motherfuckin' identify, yeah (Like she wearin')
Yeah (Swea, freezin ')

[Interlude: Young Thug]Aye, someone name Ice Field, man, lemme get child woman some, umm
Floss on the bitch, you realize what I'm sayin'? (Yeah)
Yeah, it value slightly digits (Bitch)

[Verse 21: Young Thug]Yeah, you flossy, you bossy (You flossy, you bossy)
Yeah, they play with you, put ’em in coffins, they usually ain’t duffles (Ba, ba, ba)
Woo, yeah, I’m cookin’ up fish and a muhfuckin’ dolphin (Woo, ah)
Yeah, I put that Dickies go well with proper in her muhfuckin’ closet (Ah, say it)
Yeah, I’m in pink Chucks once I’m walkin’ on muhfuckin’ Slauson (Blatt, blatt, go, baby)
She uninterested in me rappin’, however I dare to do this thing walkin’ (Do it)
Yeah, I simply bought a muhfuckin’ Bentley, I’m dealin’ with regulation
I pulled up a Bentley with forgies, I dare you to go away me to lifeless and cough (Ahh)
Rattling, I just fucked it up, but I can velocity it up, I can get it right again, yeah, yeah
I can get the white crack, yeah, yeah
Put the dick proper in her, she got here again prefer it was cooked crack, yeah
Ah, ah, she like, “How the fuck d id you did that?” Yeah, yeah
I used to be like, “I was smokin’ lean and drinkin’ me some thrax,” yeah, yeah (Sheesh)
I’m totally different
I stated I was smokin’ lean and drinkin’ some thrax, oh, wait (Yeah, ah)
I had to sluggish it down, yeah
‘Cause I know that you can’t catch that, yeah
There you go actin’ like a brat, brat, yeah (That’s mine)
Inform me what you want, I need a nap sack, yeah, pshh (Go)
Bend you over, fuck you from the again, back, pshh (Yeah, nigga)
Pull out your jewel tracks, I can’t afford that (Yeah, cash, yeah, ah, yeah)
Babe, you snorin’, yeah (Snorin’)
Fuck you so lengthy, I can make you snorin’, yeah (Snore, yeah)
Her lil toes are so attractive (Attractive)
I’ma lick ’em while she my woman, yeah (Know she moist, get it proper, nigga, yeah)
Seems to be are deceiving (Yeah)
This shit can get freaky (Aye)
This shit can get beated (No , actually)
This shit can get beated up (Beat)
This shit can get nutted in (Yeah)
This shit can have robust between us (Yeah)
This shit can have all of the bees (Ah)
And this bitch don’t need no buddies (Ah)
I obtained so much money on me (Ah)
You possibly can name them your folks (Yeah)
Baby, I’m your good friend, yeah
Them are your arms
I give it to you, gained’t take it back, bae, that’s your finish, yeah
You possibly can realize it, yeah (Woo, wooh!)
How long have I been going Staf? (Yeah, yeah)
How lengthy have I been going Stafa? (Please, hey!)
Tell me, however don’t stop it, nigga, yeah (Can’t stop)

[Interlude: Young Thug]How lengthy I been going bro? (Yeah, yeah)
Thirty minutes? Huh?
I can’t hear you
Thirty minutes? (I ain’t do this, but fuck it, let’s get it, yeah)

[Verse 22: Young Thug]I been rappin’ for thirty minutes, and that’s why child woman tired, yeah, ah (I can’t tell)
I’ma see her when she admire me, yeah (When it’s mild out)
I’ma accept her apology, yeah (Ah, suck it, yeah)
Fuck her good, and now she be stalking me, yeah (She cookin’, she lookin’)
I ain’t get killed, nigga, ain’t no coffin me, yeah (No means, no approach)
Solely factor I cough is once I smoke some weed, yeah, yeah (*cough*)
Ah, bumble bees in here (Brr, brr)
Mountain Dew spill it dangerous, aye
Two cups, yeah
Teflon, what it do, son? Yeah (Aye)
I advised my bitch I need a coupon, yeah (Coupon, yeah)
I wanna fuck her on a futon
I acquired it out of Lennox, and it was a reasonably penny, yeah (It ripped, couple grand)
I wanna see your body print all in it, yeah (All in it, yeah)
I wanna see your muhfuckin’ bitch in it, yeah (Yeah, I wanna see her)
I’ma nut, I wanna see babies swimmin’ all in you
Udigg it? I digg it (I digg it, swear)
With a golden shovel, yeah (On God)
With an iced out, not AP, but the Rollie bezel, yeah (Bling, blaow, yeah, hunnid racks)
Uh, present-n-tell it, yeah (Cash, cash)
A blind man ain’t obtained business all at the films, nigga, yeah (Blind man ain’t obtained business)
A deaf man ain’t obtained no enterprise all in a band, nigga, yeah (Deaf man ain’t go no business)
I’m simply tryna rely these bands, just gimme some racks, yeah, yeah (Yeah, gimme some bands, bands, bands)
Yeah, ah! (Yeah)
Agh! (Simply gimme some bands, bands, bands, hey!)